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A simple Event System in TypeScript

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Events are an intuitive way to model the execution flows of applications when several modules, each one with complex lifecycles, need to synchronize with each other. In this article, I go over a very simple and minimal Event System for Typescript so that you can use it too, or understand the basic principles of existing event system packages.

Property-Based Testing in Typescript with Fast-Check

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Property-based testing is probably the thing I missed the most from my time working with Haskel. It is such an elegant way of testing functionalities that it is hard to not use it. As you can imagine, I look for a Property-based testing framework in any language I have under my hands. Usually, unsuccessfully. However, in recent years I am working a lot with Typescript and, luckily, Typescript has a good property-based testing library: fast-check.

My First Deno Experiment

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This is another not-requested opinion on Deno! But what can I do? When I read “node replacement,” “TypeScript,” and “Rust,” I lose any inhibition. Therefore, I ported to Deno an old npm package and wrote a brief report on my experience. What I liked? What I disliked? Will Deno be succesful in the overcrowded world of programming platforms? These are my answers.

Typescript Unit Test for Web Applications

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You know, I quite enjoy TypeScript. It is not my favorite language ever, I am more a functional type of guy, but it is the best way to bring order into the JavaScript mess without too many hassles. Moreover, it is the language in which I prototyped my Astronomical Calendar Generator. Now that I’m working on extending it, I want to keep using TypeScript and stop falling in my usual decision paralysis.

TypeScript Binary Heap

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Yesterday I converted a Binary Heap data structure in TypeScript. The original code is here, in the Eloquent JavaScript online book by Marijn Haverbeke. In short, a Binary Heap is a common data structure for a priority queue. We want to put inside the queue many values (or an object) and you want to extract the smallest value (or the object with the smallest score) in the most efficient way.

Quick Dev Tips: Pixel-Perfect Scaling of a Phaser game

Header image for Quick Dev Tips: Pixel-Perfect Scaling of a Phaser game

As you may know, I am in the middle of developing a demo for some Smart Pathfinding, and I’m using Phaser and TypeScript for it. Unfortunately, as soon as I started coding a couple of days ago, I quickly found a problem. How can I do pixel-perfect scaling of the game? The tileset I’m using is very small (16x16 pixels tiles) and I needed to scale them at least 3 times to make them visible on a big screen.

Basic Bootstrap for and Typescript Game Development

Header image for Basic Bootstrap for and Typescript Game Development

In the last period, I’m really enjoying TypeScript. It is typed, can be used in a functional way without effort, it like a C# for the Web, in short, I love it. For this reason, I started converting some old demo in TypeScript, for fun. So, why I’m writing here? To solve two main problems. First, the TypeScript guide in the web page is really outdated. Second, there are a lot of “template” project fo Phaser.

The most promising languages of 2016

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It is time to update one othe most popular article in this blog. It is time to talk about the most promising languages of 2016! But first, let me repeat the small notice I did the last year. The languages I am listing below are not the most used languages, or the languages that you have to learn in order to find a great job as a developer. There are many more established languages that fill this role. Languages such as C++, Java, C#, Python and JavaScript are way more solid and safe if you are looking for a job or to start a developer career.

Instead, I am trying to list emerging languages that may become more important at the end of 2016. This list is for you if: 1) you are passionate about programming languages 2) you want to learn something new because you are bored with your current language 3) you want to bet on a language hoping that it will become mainstream (and thus, you will be one of the early experts in that language, and this implies nice job opportunity). Or you can read this list because you are simply interested on where the language research and development is going in the real world (academic research is a totally different story).