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Announcement: Procjam's Seed #1

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This is just a small announcement. Some days ago the first issue of Seed, the official ProcJam magazine, has been released. If you are interested in procedural generation you really should give it a shot. It is colorful 106 pages long magazine, full of experiences, ideas and interesting contents on PCG. Moreover, there is also an article of mine on the Ouvroir de littérature potentielle (Oulipo), a mid ‘900 literary movement that it is really connected with the PCG.

Python for Practical Statistics

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These days were a bit busy. I want to break the silence with an interesting link to a video. This is an interesting and fun to watch talk coming from the last PyCon. It talks about “practical statistics”, that is, how you can try to produce (or validate) a model when you can not compute the analytic model of a phenomenon. Many of the technique he describes can be used to any language, so it is suitable even if you do not program in Python.