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How to build a Telegram SpyBot

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Internet/Tech literate people continuously talk about privacy. The majority of people, however, do not care. This is hard to digest for the first group of people, but it is the truth and we should start considering this fact to make things better in the future.

Why I’m talking about this? Because, in the last weeks, I’ve found an extremely easy way to spy any Telegram group. It is not a dark market secret (in fact it is perfectly documented in the Telegram Bot API), but works perfectly because nobody cares. While every internet and privacy activist is talking about how Google, Facebook and Yahoo are spying on our email, telegram bots that are actually logging all the messages in all the groups in plain text. They are bot, by unknown programmers, without ToS, without anything, reading all your messages and potentially storing them who knows where.

So, I will explain to you how to build a Telegram SpyBot. Hopefully you can use it to teach some privacy lesson to your friends.