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How to debug a Node.js application remotely in VSCode

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Debugging a remote Node.js application in VSCode is an elementary procedure. Here it is a small “how to” in case you are struggling with it. A quick answer because you want a solution, not the story of my life.

Debug with Git Binary Search

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I don’t think I have to spend too many words on Git. Every programmer who was not on the moon in the last 5 years should already be a proficient Git user. Git is an amazing, flexible and powerful version control system. Sure, as Mercury fans often claim, its command’s syntax is often really unclear (git reset HEAD \<file\> anyone?) and some operation are really unintuitive and hard to remember (e.g., remove a remote branch?). But Git is the most popular, successful and probably powerful tools available for VCS. That’s a fact.

Many of you use Git daily, I’m sure of this. You are using it for managing projects, tracking version of your software, personal documents or to collaborate with other colleagues and open source softwares. But I’m pretty sure that many of you don’t know that you can use Git for debug! Yes, Git can be one of your debugging tools too! Let’s see how!