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De-Bootstrapping my Blog - Part 2 - Going Mobile

Or, how I faced my fears and implemented a responsive layout.

A geometric pattern of 3D cubes.

I am writing a series of posts about the development of a new blog theme. In the second part, I describe how I conquered my fears, and implemented a responsive layout and a hamburger menu in pure CSS.

De-Bootstrapping my Blog - Part 1

A geometric pattern of squares and grids.

I am writing a series of posts about the development of a new blog theme. In this first post, I talk about the history of web design (in my experience) and the new best thing in town: CSS Grid.

December 2019 Update

Header image for December 2019 Update

This update is in huge delay. I am sorry, but this November, especially the last couple of weeks have been hectic and expensive. Now that I have a bit of time, I should really write this before I need to start planning the January update. 馃槂

November 2019 Update

Header image for November 2019 Update

What a horrible October; I feel I am psychologically destroyed, and I am all over the places. Fortunately, I have good news too. 馃懟

October 2019 Update

Header image for October 2019 Update

September has been sweet and kind to me; but also harsh and challenging. Nevertheless, it is October and under pumpkins 馃巸 and ghosts 馃懟, I am still here for a monthly update. About Life September has been fun. I traveled to Padua for the CICAP Fest (a series of conferences organized by the main Italian Skeptical association), I went to a couple of nice restaurants, I completed some personal goal and I ate some Banana Pancake.

September 2019 Update

Header image for September 2019 Update

September is the true 鈥渘ew year鈥. Summer vacations are usually over, and we are ready to start a new powerful working season. So why I feel more tired than before?

August 2019 Update

Header image for August 2019 Update

Last month, slowing down with socials and news became mandatory. I 鈥渨on鈥 Camp NaNoWriMo and but I still have the last third of the story to write. Heatwaves are everywhere.

To hot to think and words order fine screen in! Let鈥檚 just look at this month update before I catch fire!

July 2019 Update

Header image for July 2019 Update

This update will be quite straightforward: July will be the month of digital retreat. Summer is not for staying still. Summer is for side projects; summer is for recharging; summer is for everything but the mindless routines of the other seasons.

June 2019 Update

Header image for June 2019 Update

May is over. Here in Italy, it rained every day. Everybody is still waiting for spring, and I am still waiting for鈥 something. Now that summer is at the door, it is time for thinking about summer projects.

May 2019 Update

Header image for May 2019 Update

April has been strange. It has been a month of festivities, rain, and food: a lot of it. But it has also been a month that felt very fast and yet swamped. I did a lot in April, and however it felt so dumb.