Back from AIIDE 2014

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence but my days are really full of commitments and terrible news. It is still not over, but but I really need write about something before is too late. :) During the last 3th-7th October, the tenth conference on Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) was held in Raleigh (North Carolina, USA). It was a very interesting conference on AI and games stuff and I am really happy to have joined such amazing things.

Speccy Jam 2014 Postmortem

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As I said in a previous post, in these days me and my colleague at Noctua were working in the SpeccyJam 2014. The goal of the jam/competition is to make a game with the same look and feel of an original ZX Spectrum game. This introduces a lot of interesting limitations. First, it constrains our resolution to 256 × 192 (that is, however, a really big improvement respect to the LowRezJam :D), second it forces us to use only 15 colors.

Random Goblin Name Generator

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Hi everyone. In these days, me and my friend and colleague at Noctua are working at a new game jam: the SpeccyJam. The goal of this jam is to recreate a game with the same feel and look of an original ZX Spectrum game. We chose to implement a “managerial game” in which the player takes the role of a fantasy blacksmith that have to increase its fame crafting amazing weapons.

Back from ECAI 2014

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Hi everyone! I’m back. In the last week I was in Prague to attend to the 21th European Conerence on Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a. ECAI2014). This was my first real academic conference since I started my Ph.D. in the last November. As I said before, conferences are amazing events where I get stressed like never before but, at the end, I come back home super-excited and full of inspirational ideas. Moreover, in these type of events you are surrounded by amazing people that do what you do.

In search of the “Philosopher’s Code”

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In search of the Philosopher’s Code. A small manifest on my actual thoughts and interests in programming.

Lazy, Bloody Summer (starting again)

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I don’t know if my life is starting to be more interesting or just more hard. Anyhow, in this bloody hot August summer I really feel the need to recollect my digital goods and finally put all of them in a single place. Unfortunately, it is too hot here and my will is at historic lows so this “restyling” is taking longer than expected. As I said before, my life is just increasing in complexity and, as a consequence, I need some place for my academic things, a place for my artistic side, a place for my gamedev ambitions, a place for my work, a place for my spare time, a place for my nerdy things.