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September 2019 Update

September is the true “new year”. Summer vacations are usually over, and we are ready to start a new powerful working season. So why I feel more tired than before?

About this Blog

August went very well in terms of posts. I planned none, I wrote two. One of the two was quite big too!

A thing I want to do is to fix RSS. I think Hugo has RSS by default, but I am not ”showcasing” it enough. As I go deep in a more meditative and deep appreciation of time, especially in the digital domain, I have a renewed appreciation for RSS. The main reason is that you control RSS while social networks feeds controls you. You are in control of when to read your RSS feed, you are not experiencing a fear of missing out because the continuous stream of contents sweeps news into oblivion in a day. Instead, RSS contents are yours. They are waiting for you.

Sure, they are not perfect. We can still be bombarded by notifications about a “new blog post,” they can still distract you a lot. But that depends on the application, it is not an intrinsic engineered distraction like social media.

Anyway, I rumbled enough. This month I’d like to work on the Glicko system article for the Ranking System series. The Glicko system is a bit more complicated than Elo, so I want to be sure to find a nice way to explain it; otherwise it is just a Wikipedia page with a bunch of formulas around.

About the Magic The Gathering article I promised you some time ago: I think the article format is not very good to explain it, so I’ll try to make a video! But I never did it before, so you need to be patient. It will be a fun experience though. :)

About Work

With September, work is back on track. I am currently playing with private Maven registries, Gradle, Kotlin, library architecture and another bunch of software engineering stuff. I do not think any of that is particularly interesting, and that’s a bummer. I’d like to have things at work that are interesting even for the blog. Anyway, that’s the way it goes now.


This week I am a bit bummed. So I skip talking about upcoming stuff in personal life and I’ve kept it work and blog related. If you are really interested I’ll spend 4-5 days in Padua around mid-September and that’s the only thing I am really looking for.

See you next time.

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