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Python for Practical Statistics

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These days were a bit busy. I want to break the silence with an interesting link to a video. This is an interesting and fun to watch talk coming from the last PyCon. It talks about “practical statistics”, that is, how you can try to produce (or validate) a model when you can not compute the analytic model of a phenomenon. Many of the technique he describes can be used to any language, so it is suitable even if you do not program in Python. Anyway, look that, it is worth it. Moreover, this is just an excuse to suggest you to look around all the other videos from PyCon. They are well made and there are some interesting talk that should be watched.

Some other note about what I’m doing. I would like to restyle the website and I definitely need to design some business card. I will totally need them in the future. Then, I am writing a new Gamasutra article and I have a couple of quick Python related things for the blog. Ah, I submitted a very small introduction to the French/Italian movement of combinatorial literature to SEED the official ProcJam webzine (and, by the way, save the date: 5th to 13th November). I will post it here too, but after the jam.

See you soon.

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