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October 2019 Update

September has been sweet and kind to me; but also harsh and challenging. Nevertheless, it is October and under pumpkins 🎃 and ghosts 👻, I am still here for a monthly update.

About Life

September has been fun. I traveled to Padua for the CICAP Fest (a series of conferences organized by the main Italian Skeptical association), I went to a couple of nice restaurants, I completed some personal goal and I ate some Banana Pancake. 🥞

Said that, I had also some pretty big emotional swings. Some night I felt like I reach the tipping point.

Life is fun. Or not. In any case, it is interesting.

About Work

Here we have the juicy stuff.

First of all, I have completed the last chapter of the upcoming book on Unity I am updating. The book was already insanely good, with a lot of very interesting tips and tricks; I just updated the deprecated stuff, went over any bit of code, added some new tip, and added a full chapter on the new Unity’s Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS).

It was very interesting work, the last chapter – the one on DOTS – was definitely the hardest one to wrap my head around. The new Unity’s DOTS is a sensational step forward but it is incredibly unstable. I mean, the official tutorial on the official website, the same tutorial linked into the official page that introduces DOTS it is so out of date that the code examples do not run anymore because 90% of the code is now deprecated and replaced by other things.

I was not sure if it is was warted to write a Chapter on something that probably will be full of deprecated code in six months. But DOTS it is so important for the future of Unity that I could not avoid a chapter on it!

Anyhow… The book will be released probably in November, there are still small details to take care of. I’ll post more news when I know more (and I check if I can announce things).

Second, I finally tamed the synchronization of conversational agents from our internal work language to the Microsoft LUIS service. About that, we may make something public in the following months. I know this is not as exciting as the book, but the project was a huge pain and I am happy we move forward.

About the Blog

I think I need to stop predicting articles on the blog. I always get caught in other idea and things get really shuffled around. September has been really light on articles: zero. This is because of the book deadline, work, and travel. October will not be like that. It is not a promise, it is a fact: I already have drafts in my notes that I just need to format and edit. :)


I hope you have a nice and spooky October. See you on Halloween!

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