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NaNoWriMo 2017 in Stats

This year I joined and won the NaNoWriMo challenge: write 50000 words for a novel in 30 days. I did it. Now the nerd side need to splat on this page all the accumulated stats.

The Novel

I think it is the proper way to do it: I need to talk about the novel. The novel is, of course, in Italian and it is unfinished. With 52k words I reached barely the beginning of the third act, more or less. Many things need to be rewritten, characters disappeared in thin air as soon as I discovered that I don’t need them… stuff like that. The usual way to do a first draft.

The story is about a spaceship collapsing in a gravitational singularity near Triton. The engineer of the ship survives and lands on a planet that seems like a cheap uninspired fantasy book. The main conflict is about the character trying come back to earth and dealing with its “technology” in the scheme of medieval fantasy world.

Te Stats

Day with most words: November 26th with 3,213 words.

Day with fewest words: November 28th with 155 words.

Global Average: 1739

Day I reached 50k: November 27th.

Best paragraph (so far): (it is in Italian but translate roughly like this)

“You are a powerful magician! You need to help us! I’ve seen what you can do with your scepter!”
“I am not a magician! I told you this a lot of times!”
“So… what are you?”
“I am an electrical engineer, for God’s sake!”
“It is a kind of magician?”

The End

It was a fun experience after all. More importantly, I proved myself that I can do it. I can survive 50k words in a month without any major issue. And if I can do this in November, I can do it any other month.

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