May 2019 Update

April has been strange. It has been a month of festivities, rain, and food: a lot of it. But it has also been a month that felt very fast and yet swamped. I did a lot in April, and however it felt so dumb.

About Life

Looking back at my journal, April has been a month in which I did a lot of stuff. I cooked a lot, I ate way too much, I went to visit some friends, I discovered new places, I spent an evening talking with my father, and a lot more.

Yet, I needed to look at my journal to perceive all that. That may be because I feel a bit disconnected. All big project paused, and I think I need to find a new route but, at the same time, and I am really distracted. I hope this May would be better (even if it started even worse).

About Work

First, I will start with an announcement. I went over MovingAI2JSON, my NPM library for parsing and working with the MovingAI pathfinding benchmark. I went over the library and rewritten it according to the modern ES6 standards, I promisified all the asynchronous calls and even ported it to TypeScript (so that you can type definitions out of the box if you are using this library in a TypeScript project).

Second, I am updating a new book on Unity. I will release more information in the following months. Stay tuned for further updates!

About this Blog

Last month I came up with a roadmap, then I spent most of the time writing an article Quidditch and its horrible game design flaws. So, the probable articles for this month are the same I announced last month.

You know… unless I start writing something else again!


It was a full yet strange April. And to be honest, I have no expectations for May as well.

What can I say… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

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