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March 2019 Update

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This month I am a bit late; I have good reasons! A lot of things happened in between the end of February and the begin of March. So, it is better not to lose more time.

About Work and Life

Between the end of February and the first days of March, I have been in Athens, Greece, for work. I work for a Greece-based company, and from time to time we plan to meet to catch up with the high-level plans. It was very nice. As a developer who works remote, sometimes the works seems a bit “unreal,” and I tend to focus too much on the only person available: me. Meeting in real life with the other people I work with, discussing plan all in the same room, all these stuff really increase the grounding of my work to reality. It was really needed.

Said that next week I’ll travel to Milan again. I have other personal stuff to do there. After next week, I hope I’ll have a consecutive couple weeks fixed in the same place!

About the Blog

I have a couple of posts brewing. The first one is a game design post about gathering/collecting quests. I think they can become an anti-pattern very quickly in games and I want to make a stance. :)

Then I have two other things in the early stage. The first is a small series on ranking systems: it is something that I find fascinating and something also big companies do wrong. Ranking systems should be practical but also support fun and engagement. Instead, sometimes they become something frustrating and grindy or no reason. I’d like to go over them and have some helpful discussions.

The second mini-series would be on games on Pico-8. There are a lot of absolute masterpieces in there, and I’d like to discuss with you about what a game did right and what a game did wrong.

These two things are a bit more time-consuming. I am looking forward to your opinion. I’d like to know if you think they are interesting ideas.


So, we are already deep into March, and I have already half of it occupied by traveling and work. I like being busy with these kinds of stuff, but I’d also like to squeeze in there something interesting. Let’s see how it goes. If you have any comment write them below or hit me with an email. I always like to hear others opinion.


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