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June 2019 Update

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May is over. Here in Italy, it rained every day. Everybody is still waiting for spring, and I am still waiting for… something. Now that summer is at the door, it is time for thinking about summer projects.

About Life

May is my birth’s month. So, it is one of the important milestones along the year we use to self-evaluate. It was time for thinking and reflection. I’ll be honest: self-evaluation was not great. I still fill swamped but now I am at a point I don’t even care. Is this better? Is this worse? I do not know.

My May month as tracked in Daylo. At the end, it was quite good.
Figure 1. My May month as tracked in Daylo. At the end, it was quite good.

Most of my personal enjoyment came from fiction writing. I have no plan for that, I just enjoy the time I spend writing. In fact, after two novel-size work, I want to work on a third one during the summer. At some point I have to start doing something with that.

About Work

At work, I am still working on low-level architecture for our chatbot system. Interacting with a multitude of external services it is an interesting challenge. Now that the service is being used in production, handling such rapidly evolving piece of software is like juggling five balls in the air. I guess is the beauty and the pain of legacy projects.

I am also thinking about bringing Kotlin in the Java codebase. At the moment, however I think it will only be an additional complication.

About other thing, I am 2 chapters into the next book I am publishing on Unity. It is an excellent book, and I am happy to be the one that it is updating it!

About this Blog

Let’s finally talk about the interesting part. This blog has always been targeted on the “beginner” level. However, a lot of the interesting stuff are outside the beginner level, I decided to introduce some article on deeper and convoluted stuff.

This month I want to start with Rogozhin’s Universal Turing Machines and other computation theory stuff. It is too strange? Maybe, but they are a prerequisite for something super cool I planned. Stay with me!

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