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January 2019 Update

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The new year has come and, with it, a plethora of new challenges! Life is never linear or straightforward: December has been the worst and the best month so far. Can January be even more disruptive? I hope not. Anyway, I am ready to face 2019 with the idea that this will be a year of change. Every year is a year of change, of course, but 2019 is where a lot of pending life-events are starting to pile up. So, or I make it, or I break it.

This year theme

As I said in the introduction, this year I have to face a lot of personal challenges. I already talked about the first one, but it is helpful (for me) to repeate it: moving to a big city. I need to change home and move in a more active and stimulating place to explore some related career opportunity. I need to do for one big reason: is time: I can wait forever to fix myself in vain; or I can deal with it, accept the fact that I am broken and continue with my interests. I think I prefer the second option: in both cases, I’ll be still torn, but in the latter case I would have more fun.

I also have other objectives and personal milestone I want to achieve in 2019, but talking now about them is a bit premature.

About the blog

This blog is in good shape, and it will still be in my priorities in 2019. I know that the last three posts are about these monthly updates. I know that I continue writing that I have some articles ready for this blog and then I never publish them. But, I swear, it is true, I have them. Unfortunately, in the last couple of months have been bloody hard to find time to polish the code and the text when personal problems, work, and the Unity book were all fighting for a piece of my attention. Hopefully, if I can keep my schedule regular as in the last two week, I may finally be able to publish something! I swear!

I also have a couple of longer articles that are growing into a book-size realm. I may publish them as an ebook. I will give more info on that later this year.

About work

I think work is at a turning point (as everything this year, apparently). The small toy-project I developed during the last year is getting bigger and bigger. I want to try to focus more on work in the next three months (then I’ll evaluate). After all, work and steady income is a prerequisite for all the significant changes I need to tackle this year.

If everything goes as it should, I may start talking about this work project in this blog.


I know I have been a bit vague in this update. I hope you stick with me for new articles on something more interesting than my daily struggles. :)

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