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I am killing comments. I will not kill discussion.

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I am removing comments from this blog. There are several reasons for this decision. First, it is hard to find value in comments anymore. In 3 years I think I have collected something like 10 comments. Most of my interaction with readers and other people happens on Twitter, in the Facebook comments or in the Reddit threads. Second, the existing main solutions for comments are unappealing.

The default WordPress comment system is very spam prone and hard to manage. On the other hand, Disqus looks like a more technologically advanced solution. Unfortunately, in practice, it is a resource hog, it forces you to have your experience shared among different domains, and, in other words, a giant tracking system. I do not want to force my readers to load a third-party potentially tracking system every time. Even because it make hard to me to enforce a serious privacy policy for this place.

Well… I am killing comments, then. However, I do not want to kill discussion. I still want to discuss articles by mail, on Twitter or any other channel you like (I am open to suggestions). I am still looking for a nice way encourage readers towards these communication channels. In the meantime, I will also look for alternatives for comment solutions and I may bring them back in case there is something simple and safer.

In any case, thank you for reading.

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