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Back from ECAI 2014

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Hi everyone! I’m back. In the last week I was in Prague to attend to the 21th European Conerence on Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a. ECAI2014). This was my first real academic conference since I started my Ph.D. in the last November.  As I said before, conferences are amazing events where I get stressed like never before but, at the end, I come back home super-excited and full of inspirational ideas. Moreover, in these type of events you are surrounded by amazing people that do what you do. Meeting and talking with them is always insightful and amazing. So, first of all, thanks to all the nice people I met during this conference.

However, it is time to stop talking about that and start talking about my works in the ECAI conference (that’s why I have this website, no?). Well, as far as I’m concerned, I presented two workshop papers during the first day of pre-conference (18th August), namely a work on pathfinding in games titled “Belief-Driven Pathfinding Through Personalized Map Abstraction” and another on behavior composition in virtual environments titled _"_Agent Behavior Composition in Virtual Environments Realized Using Game Engines".

I put here the slides for these two talks. They are temporary links that I’ll replace once I finish the academic section in this site. In addition to this, I’ll manage to provide a (more advanced) video of the first presentation. So, stay tuned. :P


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