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Back from AIIDE 2014

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence but my days are really full of commitments and terrible news. It is still not over, but but I really need write about something before is too late. :) During the last 3th-7th October, the tenth conference on Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) was held in Raleigh (North Carolina, USA). It was a very interesting conference on AI and games stuff and I am really happy to have joined such amazing things. I mean, this is something that I could proudly say to the 10 years old me and make him happy and unbelieving. I could look the younger me in the eyes and say “In the future you’ll participate in a conference about artificial intelligence and videogames with some of the most beautiful mind in that field!”. Wow. However, unfortunately I received too many commitments and bad news from Italy to be able to freely enjoy this conference and to be fully concentrated. I’m really sorry of this.

In any case, in that conference I was presenting my works on Belief-Driven Pathfinding (an extended version of the arguments I was presenting in the ECAI conference). I am pleased that I found many people interested in this work and that share my belief that this is an open and interesting problem to solve in AI for games. It was very hard to push this idea and work into some academic conference and I’m really really happy that I finally succeeded after a lot of failures! I also collected a lot of idea for some later works on the same subject so, thank you all for everything.

I also found very interesting the keynote by Squirrel Eiserloh on how to make the academic research on games more appealing to the gaming industry. It was very inspirational and I’d like to follow some of his advice writing a “simplified version” of my paper for developers and non academic people (I’ll publish it here and on Gamasutra if I can). :)

An there is more! You can find the full proceedings for this conference HERE. If you are interested in artificial intelligence and videogames the AIIDE proceedings are a wonderful place where you can find a lot of inspiring ideas! So, take a look!

Have a nice day!

PS: Just 20 days at the ProcJam 2014!!

Original photo by UsaPics

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