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August 2019 Update

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Last month, slowing down with socials and news became mandatory. I “won” Camp NaNoWriMo and but I still have the last third of the story to write. Heatwaves are everywhere.

To hot to think and words order fine screen in! Let’s just look at this month update before I catch fire!

About Life

Two days into my vacation, my phone completely broke. Super-dead. Fortunately, it was not a huge problem: I already decided to take a break from the omnipresence of digital life, so this was a welcome opportunity to enforce my policy.

I could say it was hard, I could say it was a huge improvement to my life, but I’ll not say both. I have much more willpower than last year, and I can control my cravings much better. That was a path I took some time ago and, therefore, there is no “revelation” here. I cannot say “it changed my life” because I already acquired a more mindful approach to the digital influence in my life.

What I can say is that it helped me put things into perspective, to really rest my brain, to read a couple of books more and complete Camp NaNoWriMo without stress.

So that’s 100% a win.

About this Blog

In fact, I planned to take a break the full month, but after a bit, I got bored with inactivity on this blog, and I made a short and sweet article.

However, the weather is unbearable. I find it extremely difficult to focus on the computer when inside my house there are 32 damning degrees (~90 in F horse-blood degrees). The only things I can do is to write on my iPad sitting in some colder spot like a cat. Therefore, for August, looks at the weather near Rome. If it goes below 30°, then you may see some articles. Otherwise, I’ll keep drafting for September. :D

About Work

Works work the same way as the blog. Too hot to have coherent thoughts. The book on Unity is going fine, the work with Chatbots is slow but steady, I need to review some paper for a conference. All the usual stuff.

About everything else

There is not really much going on. July is a lazy month. Like an old battery, my brain stops working if it is too hot. I hope you take a chance to recharge and enjoy the summer days.

I have plans for September, but we will talk about them in the next update.

Cheers, Davide

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