April 2019 Update

Luck is not on my side. I went to Milan for business, I’ve got the flu and stayed in the hotel room for the entire week. Is this a glorious waste of time and money? Probably. However, luck is a matter of attitude. So I have to think to this event as an important opportunity for reflection. (Yeah, I know…)

About personal life

I am trying to keep a positive attitude. Even if things this year are not going exactly as I planned, I think has not been a bad year. I did quite some stuff, I traveled a bit, and I met people.

However, I feel a bit swamped. To be swamped in the middle of a project is a natural behavior: when we are in the middle of a task we often feel worse than when we start, and we become more sloppy. In fact in our mind an “80% completed thing” feel very similar to a “40% completed thing”.

Therefore, even if I am advancing more than one thing, they are now all in the middle. So I don’t feel excitement for them and - at the same time - I cannot really smell their completion and, in the end, it feels like I am doing completely nothing for month. Oh, well.

About this blog

There are a couple of topics for this month. First I have a small starting guide for Kotlin in VS Code. I like Kotlin, but I am quite disaffected by IntelliJ. It is good; don’t get me wrong! But when I work on small-medium projects I do not want to boot all that stuff! Fortunately, we can run Kotlin in a lightweight way.

Then I started writing a follow-up to my article on AI mental health. This time I’ll start writing about “procrastinating AIs”.

Finally, I have a couple of light topics I am trying to drop in this month. I’ll try to update on them on Twitter.

As usual, let me know which one of these topics you are most interested into. I can shuffle things to prioritize the most important things.


I will conclude with the wise words of Vendrik, King of Drangleic: “Seek strenght; rhe rest will follow”.

Photo by Nikhil kumar on Unsplash

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