Machine Consciousness is Inevitable

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Can a robot become self-conscious? It looks like an interesting question, but it is not: machine consciousness is just inevitable. The true interesting questions are hidden in the details of how such consciousness will emerge and how it will look like.

The Problem with Mastodon and the Fediverse

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I tried to jump on the Mastodon train several times; however, I was never really convinced by it. To be honest, I was never really interested in any open-source clone of popular commercial social networks. And like me, 99% of the non-technical people I know. Why? A quick answer for a bloody hot August.

Use Obsidian's Plugin Responsibly

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This is just a reminder for an undesirable side effect of some Obsidian’s Plugin: they make your notes Obsidian-dependent. Here I will describe what is the problem and how can you easily avoid it to keep your note really futureproof.

Exploring the Small Web

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I stumbled into the Small Web. A minimal barebone version of the web. It’s a place that remember me of a long gone web. It is the Small Web powered by the Gopher and Gemini protocols. Let’s see what it is and why I decided to create there a small intimate island.

"How Small Open-World Games Feel Big" by Razbuten

Razbuten always nails it (great minds think alike, they say 😃). In this short video, he explains a game design aspect that I started to notice exactly after playing A Small Hike. I have nothing to add on this subject and I really recommend Razbuten’s video. The only major difference is that I 100%-completed Ghost of Tsushima, but there are many other personal reasons for that. 😃

A simple Event System in TypeScript

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Events are an intuitive way to model the execution flows of applications when several modules, each one with complex lifecycles, need to synchronize with each other. In this article, I go over a very simple and minimal Event System for Typescript so that you can use it too, or understand the basic principles of existing event system packages.

How VSCode's RestClient saved me from Postman

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I do not think Postman is bad (in the general sense), but it is the piece of software I hate the most that I need to use on a daily basis. Well, not anymore! I’ve recently found the perfect Visual Studio Code extension for managing APIs: RestClient.

Will Zig be the "sweet spot" I am looking for?

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Let’s continue our exploration of novel kinda-low-level languages. After a quick exploration of Crystal, it is time to look at another language that is constantly popping up on my sources: Zig. It will be my new love? It will be the perfect tool I was looking for? It is the beginning of a new programming langue star? Let’s find out that together.

Will Crystal be the "sweet spot" I am looking for?

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The Crystal programming language recently reached version 1.0. As a modern compiled language, it caught my attention. It is time to spend some time playing with it to have a better idea of its potentialities. Will this “Compiled Ruby” be the sweet spot between Python and Rust I am looking for?

The Grammar of Game Design

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Game Design is a kind of language. It has basic elements, it has rules, and we use it to express specific sensations. Therefore, as a language, it has a proper grammar with its alphabet, its morphology, and its syntax and semantic. In this article I’ll briefly try to exapand this thought.