This is a small summary of my games. They are mostly jam or toy games but, you know, I still love each one of them. :)

Ilinx Downx (Cyberpunk Jam 2014)

Ilinx Downx

Classic infinite runner. The twist is that this time you have two walls/streets and you have to switch between them to pass the obstacles. You can find the postmortem here.

Blacksmith (Speccy Jam 2014)

BlackSmith SpeccyJamThis is a “simulation/management” game in which you play as a blacksmith. The game concept is very simple but the real masterpiece (I can say that because it is not my exclusive work) is the emulation of the ZX Spectrum video memory using Unity and a couple of textures. The postmortem can be found here.

Fistful of Pixels (LowRezJam 2014)

FistfulDungeon crawler in which you can play the eternal fight between Cowboys and Vikings. The dungeon generator is way more complex and powerful than is necessary for the game. You can find this game postmortem here.

Last Fish Swimming (Bacon Game Jam 09)

Last Fish Swimming - Bacon Game Jam 09

A simple and boring shooter with a cowboy riding a fish fighting the Ocean’s King. It is boring but the graphic is complex (for my skill), I wrote the music and the intro story. :) You can find the postmortem here.