Davide Aversa

King Goblin is the best King. 0

Random Goblin Name Generator

Hi everyone. In these days, me and my friend and colleague at Noctua are working at a new game jam: the SpeccyJam. The goal of this jam is to recreate a game with the same feel...

ECAI 2014 0

Back from ECAI 2014

Hi everyone! I’m back. In the last week I was in Prague to attend to the 21th European Conerence on Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a. ECAI2014). This was my first real academic conference since I started my...

Lazy Summer by Detkef (fan art of How to Train Your Dragon) 0

Lazy, Bloody Summer (starting again)

don’t know if my life is starting to be more interesting or just more hard. Anyhow, in this bloody hot August summer I really feel the need to recollect my digital goods and finally...